June 1, 2006

Samuel and Hobbes

I have always been a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson developed an instant classic with the creation of this comic strip.

This is the only comic that I ever went to any measure of effort to follow. I think that I own all of the books, so I am pretty sure that I have the entire collection. I have kept the books in my classroom every year, and most of the time I have been willing to share them with my students.

A couple of weeks ago my son found one of these books.

I read a couple of them to him that I thought that he might find funny. He really enjoyed them and asked if he could borrow the book. I told him that was absolutely fine, partly because I thought that it was neat that my son was enjoying the same comics that I had enjoyed.

I could remember this one time, when I was a kid, that I found this really old Charlie Brown comic book. The book was pretty ancient, with old worn pages that were starting to look brittle and brown. I didn't care though, I read through the whole thing during one Thanksgiving day meal at a relatives house. I was remembering that event as I was watching my son through my rear-view mirror, reading through this comic book while we were on our way home.

He has now read completely through two of the books, and I am getting ready to go back up to the school to pick up some stuff, and I know I better come back with another of those comics.

I can't wait to show it to him.

That is one of the greatest joys as a father is to give your sons something that they enjoy. Especially when those are the same things that we have enjoyed.