May 29, 2006


I have ventured into the podcasting realm.

I found a free podcasting service called Odeo a while back, but I didn't give it a try until last week. I titled my podcast The Goatee Speaks and did my first recording just to see if everything was working the way it is supposed to work.

Then I figured out that you can actually upload pre-recorded audio as well, so to see if that worked, I uploaded the first lesson in my Idols of the Heart series that I am teaching at my Church.

Everything seems to be working really well. If you get a chance to listen to the teaching, let me know what you think. I even have the notes available if you are really interested.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by.


  1. I dumped your teaching session onto my iPod mini and listened to it as I cycled to and from work the other day.

    It's excellent. I really enjoy your teaching style and your ability to make me think through the issues you're talking about.

  2. That is great.

    I appreciate you listening to it, and giving me feedback. Thankyou so much.


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