Friday, April 17, 2020

Day 32 of Social Distancing

Today is April 17th, 2020... and it is day 32 of Social Distancing for me and my family.

Some prominent things to mention:

  • I have tried to "social distance"... 
  • I have only stepped foot into two different grocery stores, two different houses, and four other stores. 
  • Watched all of the Taken Movies.
  • Have created multiple tutorial videos for teachers and students. 
  • Watched the Stephen King miniseries: The Stand.
  • Was diagnosed with high blood pressure. (Right near the beginning, when we could still see doctors.)
  • Started Blogging Again. 
  • Bought mulch and spread it over landscaped areas around the house. 
  • Watched all of the Hunger Games movies.
  • Installed the electrical for a dryer and the plumbing for a washer... and hooked both up. 
  • Re-Watched Stranger Things. 
  • Bought a lawnmower... first time to ever own a new lawnmower!
  • Read two books. 
  • I have continued to read my Bible. 
  • Had a family member survive the Virus.
  • Been part of multiple online meetings. 
  • Slept until 10:13am without realizing it. 
  • I called everyone in my church (at least attempted) 2 times, and will try again tomorrow. 
  • Had one of my sons ask a girl to marry him. 
  • I have done an online church every week. 
  • I have stayed up until 3am once on accident. 
  • Re-Painted my bathroom ceiling. 
  • Live-streamed prayer meetings every Wednesday night (and have found that I have better attendance for the live streaming prayer meeting than the actual prayer meeting. 
  • Mowed the yard twice.
  • I've taken multiple naps.
  • I've learned that I genuinely miss work and all of those interactions. 
There's more here... but most likely nobody will read this anyway. If you do... I love ya!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Online Church @ Edgewood Danville for April 12th, 2020

Church at Edgewood was once again online.

Here is the live stream portion of our service:
(Originally through Facebook Livestreaming.)

Here is the pre-recorded devotional: 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Breaking News for April 1, 2020!

Image may contain: possible text that says 'BREAKING NEWS Due to the unprecedented impact that COVID-19 has had on the United States education system, the U. S. Senate and House of epresentatives unanimously passed legislation requiring students from all 50 states to repeat their current grade level. This law will take effect once schools reconvene in August.'

Only a few hours left on April 1st. 
Wish I had seen this earlier, I would have been posting it everywhere!