This is just a blog.

My name is Matt Harmless. I am a Pastor, Teacher, Husband, and Father. If you follow this blog at all, then you will know that I have also been a Truck Driver, Furniture Mover, Disciplinary Dean, Construction Worker, Bus Driver, Coach, Warehouse Worker, Forklift Driver, Pizza Delivery Guy, Vacuum Cleaner Salesman, Carpet Cleaner, Janitor, Maintenance Man, Landscaper,

...and Blogger.

I started this blog in September of 2003 and I have tried, to one degree or another, to stick with the idea behind the title: Harmless Thoughts. That is all this blog is, a simple collection of my thoughts. It is not extensive by any means, but just a random gathering of the babble that goes on in my head and that I collect from various sources.

Well, if you have read this far, I appreciate it, and I hope that you come back often. To end, here are a few words from John Bunyan:

If you find me short in things, impute that to my love of brevity. If you find me besides the truth in anything, impute that to my infirmity. But if you find anything here that serves to your furtherance and joy of the faith, impute that to the mercy of God bestowed on you and me. Yours to serve you with what little I have.