Friday, March 27, 2020

Day 11 of Social Distancing

I miss work.

I am thinking about getting a part-time job. I think that I might actually be more productive at home if I have just a little bit of time where I am working. Plus, I like to be directed. I like having a job... A prescribed set of activities that I must be working on, and I must try to complete.

I never thought of myself as one who worked good under pressure, but I really am. I believe that I didn't view myself that way, because it never really felt like "pressure".  I always interpreted "pressure" as a "challenge".  It is a "challenge" where I subconsciously think that most people are assuming I will fail.

Please don't read too much into this. I don't actually spend any time thinking about this, not really. I am just thinking about it now.

I wonder how everyone else is fairing? I'm just thankful that I have a job that is paid based on a salary. I feel so bad for those who are struggling without jobs right now. I think that is one of the reasons why I haven't tried to get a job at a grocery store. I figure that I might be able to get a job, but I don't want to take a job away from anyone else.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Day 4 of Social Distancing

Friday, March 20, 2020: Day 4 of Social Distancing.

We just got word a little while ago that the governor of Illinois was putting in the "Shelter in Place" order. Let's see how that goes. 

A little concerned for all of our fellow Americans that are going to be affected by this, not just physically, with their health, but now financially... How is this all going to work out?

Also recorded episode 10 of my podcast:

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 2 of Social Distancing

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020: Day 2 of Social Distancing

I did somewhat better at social distancing today.

Oh wait, I went to my parent's house... and ... um ... Big Lots.

But other than that, no interactions... other than a second trip to the hardware store!

My normal, day-to-day job is a disciplinary dean at a large high school. This is a busy job. In fact, I would say that it is the busiest that I've ever had. From the time that I arrive at work to the time that I leave to go home, something is happening. Either I'm doing paperwork, talking to students, talking to a teacher or administrator, talking to parents, either in-person or over the phone, or I am dealing with a problem situation. It is just a non-stop roller coaster ride of activity.

I like this about that job. I like to stay busy. Idle time, for a diagnosed ADD person, is hardly ever productive. I love being directed by the flow of events throughout the day. I don't have to plan out my day and try to get everything to stick with the plan... The "plan" is going to happen, I just don't know what it is until I get swept up in it.

With current events and the closure of the schools, I have gone on an early break/vacation. Most people would like this, but I'm not loving it. Without a flow of events sweeping toward me, I am forced to create my own agenda. Once again, most people would love this, but I am not loving this at all. At work, the most important thing is the thing that is happening right in front of me. When I am in this situation, I find it exceptionally difficult to prioritize. Does the closet need attention? should I complete a class that I am working on? Does my wife need help with something? Does the dog need to go out?  I wonder how the teachers are doing? Should I make some tutorial videos on how to do a few aspects of e-learning? Maybe I should make a video to reassure the people at my church. Should I be calling them? What is my son doing? Where is my other son at right now? I could've had those shelves put up by now. I should have just started with reading my Bible and then do the devotional. Maybe I should study for the devotional today. Should I blog about my experiences?

I could go on...

Needless to say, Social Distancing, as much as I love aspects of it, is also a stretch for my mind. I wonder as I type this, does anyone else struggle with this same issue?

More than ever, would love some feedback.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Episode 9 - Social Distancing

Some Harmless Thoughts about the CoronaVirus...

Day 1 of Social Distancing

Tuesday, March 17th, 2020:  Day 1 of Social Distancing

I just finished my first day of Social distancing.

I didn't know what "social distancing" was... but I believe (as an introvert) that I have been practicing this for a long time. I don't mind keeping my distance, especially in public places. In small gatherings, I don't mind it that much but have learned that if I practice too much social distancing in these situations that I can come across as rude... But now... with this behavior being practiced by everyone, I don't come across as rude, I come across as conscientious.

Since this is a "journal" of sorts, what did I do today?

I started off the day ... oh shoot ... I went out and I forgot until just now. I went to the doctor to get my blood drawn to check my cholesterol levels. Don't worry, I stayed away from everyone.

I came home after that and ... oh shoot ... I went out again and forgot. I went to the hardware store to get some materials for a closet. I was disappointed, no popcorn at the hardware store. (I think I know why.)

I didn't do much after that, hung out at home and recorded a podcast.

I'm getting antsy already.