March 18, 2004

This too shall pass...

Gam zeh ya'avor (Hebrew) "This Too Shall Pass"

Welcome! According to Google Analytics, this is by far the most visited post that I have ever written.  If someone comes here from a search engine, most of the time they are looking for "this too shall pass quote" or simply "this too shall pass" on Google or one of the other search engines.

I am sure that most of the time visitors are looking for the originations of this quote, but I have to wonder, why is this quote on people's minds? Why are they pondering the passing of events? 

Here is my thought: It is probably because most of us have realized that the adult life is much harder than we ever imagined it to be. There is more pain and more sorrow than we had ever imagined as children, but we have learned that time keeps ticking. And as time continues to flow things pass.

In fact, even the really big things and the really hard things will still pass.

If you are here because you are thinking to yourself, "this too shall pass" then you are right. We know that things pass, but I think that the too in the phrase is important for us. The too reminds us that no matter what it is, it will pass. We are told by Paul, in I Corinthians that this world and the things of this world, are passing away. Notice that they have not passed yet, but we are also not waiting for them to start passing, they are currently passing.

Please consider writing to me to tell me why you were pondering this quote. I would love to hear your story, and maybe even compile a list of stories. If you tell me your story, I will make sure that I respond with mine, and tell you the real reason why this phrase was significant to me when I wrote this.

Update #1: One possible source of this quote is the poet Lanta Wilson Smith. To read her poem click here.

Update #2: Another possible source is this poem by Helen Steiner Rice click here.

Update #3: Check out my "This too shall pass" store.


Though times have changed for me, the original post with this title can be found here.