March 9, 2004

my wifey

She's awesome!

Yesterday while I was at work she moved all of our stuff to the basement apt. that we are going to live in!

Those of you that know me, know that I work for a moving company during the summers. And if there is anything that I enjoy doing it is moving stuff. (weird, I know!) So I was expecting all day to have to go home and move a bunch of stuff. But that just wasn't the case. She had moved all of the stuff except a couple of big things to the basement.

The really cool thing is that she did all of this with the kids. I just can't figure it out. When I watch the kids by myself, I can hardly get anything done. After I have been watching them the house is usually a wreck, toys everywhere, food stuck to their faces, etc. But after she has been with them, the house is usually in more order, they are usually neat, and their is a meal waiting for me. And yesterday, on top of all that other stuff, our entire living space was rearranged!


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