March 24, 2004

A Word from the Wife

Two really cool things that will probably mean nothing to you, but were significant to me...

It is very handy to have a brother-in-law that is a computer guy. (I will make note here that I do not feel he is altogether a "computer geek" because he is highly social and that does not tend to fall into your usual geekness personality traits) know what I mean....but regardless, techno-whatever is his career. ANYWAY, I'm blogging right now from my bed!!!! AH! I love it! I am usually anti-computers for lots of reasons I won't bother you with but this is right up my alley! A t.v., a glass of juice, my bed and my sweetie niece....and blogger access...this is the life. Now I just have to figure out how to make it mine! It's so cool.

Number 2 cool thing...I do this silly thing every year. When I get ready to pack up my coats and jackets for the winter, I usually put a 5 dollar bill in one of the pockets so I can get a little surprise when I put it back on the next year. Sadly, I didn't do this last year because I forgot. We were headed south and due to the "almost" warmness of this area (yeah,'s freezing!), I packed my jean jacket. So, yesterday, I was putting it on and I felt around in the pockets to make room for my icy hands when I discovered a strange occupant of my handy pocket. A leaf. Now, some may say, "A leaf? Ew....trash in your pockets...I hope you cleaned it out", but they would be wrong. I remember when I put that leaf in my pocket. It was last fall. I'm generally not much of an observer. I'm commonly very focused on the task at hand and tend to miss what's beautiful around me, but this day was different. I recall that last fall was particularly breath-taking. This day I was taking a jaunt through a set of trees and I was compelled to stop and glance at how stunning they looked around me. It was a unique moment for me and I remember feeling very happy and very much at "home". So, I decided to pick out a pretty leaf and stick it in my pocket so I could remember it.

The last few days have felt very homeless. My hubby is awesome in those transition phases of life. You can't seem to shake that guy with "different" or "unfamiliar". Me....not so much. So, when I pulled that cracking leaf out of my pocket, I smiled. Yeah, there it is...home.

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