March 21, 2004

Hot topics

I am always intrigued by the differences in opinions among believers.

There are some things that will always be "controversial." But there are other things that should not be controversial at all. For example, I know that in some Christian circles going to movies is an automatic no-no, no matter what the movie is. To step foot in a theatre would be a grievous sin! But with the release of The Passion, this standard has been questioned. And maybe rightly so. Those in that circle usually use the "we can't support the movie industry" reason to not go to any movies. But then they go home and purchase cable, and rent movies, just showing a hypocritical belief system.

Many youth and young adults have seen right through this hypocritical belief system and gone to the other extreme. Now we have a whole generation that pours pretty much anything that they want into their brains, without a question asked.

In the case of movies, we should be challenged to question the Biblical reasons to go or to not go. Too many times people are just lazy and don't want to research what God would have them do. There is no digging into the word of God. And there is nobody on their knees asking the creator to give them wisdom in their search.

But this post is really not about that. It is spurned on by some of the "Christian websites" that I have found. There are some things that just shock me. Not in an old lady -- "oh my good heavens!" kind of way. But in a taken off guard kind of way. Things that I have never questioned before as being wrong. Now I am being forced to think! Because I don't want to be like the typical person in my generation that automatically thinks that anything from the previous generation is wrong. I also don't want to be like the typical person from the previous generation that thinks that anything new is wrong! I am searching for a balance. And I think it is the Bible.

I want to be a seeker. A seeker of truth in the Word. Not just a logical thinker -- philosopher. I don't want to stand before a Holy God and give an account, and the only reason to support my behavior is my feeble reasons that came from my own brain.

When you see something that you disagree with, ask yourself, "why?" If you don't have some verses pop into your head, get to digging.

Be prepared.

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