January 24, 2006

It's about time.

My oldest son is about 7½ years old, and he finally lost that first tooth. It has been loose for a long time, and it finally popped off (with a little help from dad).

He was so excited. He had just told me, right before it happened, "Daddy, I really want to lose that tooth because all of my friends have already lost at least one, and I am 7½! So I should have already lost one! And I haven't, so I hope this one comes out..."

Next thing you know, in a moment of bravery, I gave it a little push and *pop* out it came.

He said, "wow." I said, "it's about time."


1 comment:

  1. shudder,, i dont like loosing teeth at all. in fact, i still havent lost all my baby teeth.


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