January 12, 2006


"And I will delight in your commandments,
which I have loved."

Psalm 119:47 (translation by Jay E. Adams)

God's commandments should be a delight. They should not be a drudgery. We should love them and seek after them. Especially because of what they mean for us. We have the keys to life and joy: Eternal life and Eternal joy! Why would we not seek after these truths with whole-hearted effort?

Jay Adams says of this verse:

"How dreary for a Christian to know that in this Book (The Bible) is contained all that he needs for a life of joy and happiness, a life of freedom and opportunity, but neither to know what the book says nor to be living according to it."

I most definitely agree. It is truly a tragedy when you have a person who has access to these words, yet does not seek after them with delight.

Check out the book,

Counsel from Psalm 119
by Jay E. Adams

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