Friday, January 6, 2006

Military chaplains told to shy from Jesus

(Special thanks to Jungle Pop for this link.)

According to The Washington Times, military chaplains are being told that they cannont pray, "in Jesus name." One of the Chaplains began a multiday hunger strike outside the White House.

Here is a short excerpt from the article that I found to be quite interesting:

Muslim, Jewish and Roman Catholic chaplains are likewise told not to pray in the name of Allah, in Hebrew or in the name of the Trinity, he added.
But the Rev. Billy Baugham, executive director of the Greenville, S.C.-based International Conference of Evangelical Chaplain Endorsers, says restrictions on other religious expressions have "yet to be tested."
"No Islamic chaplain has been refused to pray in the name of Allah, as far as we know. Neither has a rabbi been rebuked for making references to Hanukkah, and no Catholic priest has been rebuked for referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary."
I don't know why we always act surprised when things like this happen. I believe that persecution is inevitable for true Christians. And if we are living right and teaching right, the world will hate us. But as Jesus so patiently reminds us, we should remember that the world hated him first.

As we walk in the steps of Christ, and live in Jesus' name, we will be treated the way he was treated. We should expect to be banned and scorned. We should not act in shock and indignant when we are expelled because of our beliefs.

Anyway, I just thought that I would pass it along. Here is the original article: Military chaplains told to shy from Jesus. The date on the article is December 21, 2005, so I am not sure if there have been any updates since then.

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