Thursday, January 5, 2006

A Broad Place

"And I will walk in a broad place,
Since I seek Your commands."

Psalm 119:45 (translation by Jay E. Adams)

Some people believe that God's commands are restrictive; that walking the Christian walk will inhibit us from having a free life.

Some people believe that if you follow after God, then you will miss out on what "could have" been. That your potential will be lost in the midst of this godly pattern of life.

Some people believe that they are "better people" when they are apart from God. They believe that their horizons are broadened and their minds are opened when they discard the Bible.

Some people believe these things.

I, on the other hand, do not believe these things. I believe that in keeping God's commands, we are free! In the words of Jay Adams, "What God's commandments do for a Christian is to enlarge his thinking and his lifestyle - not shrink and restrict it, as the world seems to think." Or maybe I could echo the words of Paul, "If the Son has set you free, then you are free indeed!"

The Bible tells us over and over again that God's way leads to life and freedom, and that the world's way leads to bondage and death. This truth is so plain in the scriptures, but it is so easily forgotten.

We are bombarded daily by those who feel it necessary to belittle anyone who still believes in a true Bible. We are mocked and scorned. We are considered to be stupid and backward because we are holding to the truths of God.

But one of the most powerful weapons is the pity. It usually comes from those coffee-house intellectuals, who look down their noses at us. They feel sorry for us, because they have been so much more enlightened; because they have been able to leave that closed-minded religion behind...

But we are the free ones. We, the ones who are truly adhering to God and his word and his commands, we are the ones who are free.

We walk in a broad place, because we seek his commands.

All these thoughts from this book:

Counsel from Psalm 119
by Jay E. Adams


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