June 14, 2005

Uncle Matt

After I graduated from Highschool, there were a few of my teachers who told me that I could call them by their first name. I think that I tried a few times, but I could never get myself to do it. It just seemed wrong.

In fact, to this day, most people who are older than me, I still call "Mr." or "Mrs." Whatever their name is. Maybe it is how I was raised, or maybe I just have trouble with change... I don't know. I have even noticed that there are teachers that I have worked with that I won't call by their first name. Whatever it is, I know that some small part of it is a desire to show respect.

Well, now there are students who I have taught and now they have graduated. And I am trying to get them to call me Matt. Some of them are taking to it really quickly.

Last week I spent some time in Orlando with some of my former students, and I am not sure how it happened, but I suddenly became Uncle Matt.

And that is OK with me. See ya later kiddies!