Thursday, June 2, 2005


Well, we did our first move of the year.

I was a little excited about this move. I am usually excited about moving anyway. It gives me a chance to do something besides school, or school-related work. It also gives me a chance to lose a little weight. But I was specifically excited about this one because it was a youth pastor.

But I was sorely disappointed.

During the course of my moving career, I have done some fairly interesting moves. And I have also done some really nasty moves. I am not talking about messy, or stuff that is out of place, I am talking about dirty.

The move today was that way. Things were just plain old dirty. Not taken care of. I don't want to be judgmental, but how you take care of your home says a lot about who you are as a person. My perception of this youth pastor was affected by the condition of his things.

Our things do not belong to us. They are God's things, and we are simply stewards of His possessions. So it really isn't about how we take care of our stuff, it is about how we take care of God's stuff.

I think that I am probably just tired of doing these kind of moves. They absolutely disgust me. I walk away from them feeling like I am covered in a thin layer of disgustingness. When all of a person's furniture is sticky, that just isn't right.

Mostly, I feel sorry for the children in these situations. There has been more than one move that I have done where there are small children living in this kind of filth. And I just know that these kids are going to grow up to be the same way.

And I will probably have to move their sticky furniture.


  1. "thin layer of disgustingness."

    haha, i have felt like that before. good way of putting it.


  3. Hi Matt,

    We're getting ready to move next week. Speaking from your experience as a moving guy, what can I, as the homeowner, do to make things go smoother?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  4. Craig-

    I could write a whole post just about that question.

    For me, just make sure that everything is packed. I have been on one too many moves where I get there, and there are things that aren't packed. Really frustrating.

    Also, something that goes a long way is to buy them some lunch, and have something for them to drink.

    And don't forget to tip. Huge. Even tipping when they are done loading, and alluding that there will be a little more at the other end can really help your stuff make it safe... :)

  5. *Sigh* If only we could get everything packed in time! Part of the problem is packing all the stuff that you need up until the last moment...but point well taken.

    Good idea about having water/food available.

    Hmmm, Never thought of tipping. What would you suggest is a reasonable tip for 4 guys/3 hours of work moving only the furniture (not boxes)?

    Thanks for your suggestions. And if you ever get around to that post... ;-)

  6. 5 bucks a piece for a short move like that. That would be plenty.

    It is surprising how many people don't know to tip the movers...

    I didn't know until I was a mover.

  7. Also...

    Thanks to my anon. student who is laughing at my summer employment. I just want you to know that I would do whatever it takes to put food on the table at my house, and still be able to minister to my students. I would be a garbage man if I had to.

  8. I miss you!! Hope moving goes well this summer!

  9. Yeah Matt, you should do more of this secular writing, it's amusing and human and makes you more real as a person.You sometimes overwhelm me with your intimate relationship with Christianity and the Bible. By the way, where's my friend Daisy? Haven't heard from her for a while.

  10. To Amanda:

    When are you going to come down for a visit?

    To Night rider:

    Thanks for the comments. I always have these great stories, I just never have the time to write them down.

  11. Hey! I hear you got to see Britt and some people through this move! That must have been fun! I hope things went well/safe. i know what its like to move! ahh..

    oh... i your email address the same? i have an update for you :) *many thanks for your wisdom and heart*

  12. We had lots of fun...

    e-mail is

  13. UNCLE MATT lol it was great to see you in florida! you've inspired me to write another blog. i haven't started it yet, but that's because i couldn't think of a name for it lol

  14. Can't be nearly as bad as the house my youth group (minus me :P) had to clean up in West Virginia this week...the people cleaning literally had to shovel dirt off of the kitchen floor...the place was entirely rat-infested...I won't go into the details, but it was REALLY BAD.

    Just had to tell someone that...

    Do you mind if I e-mail you? I ended up in a really weird/cool/confusing situation during the missions trip and I really need advice...


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