Thursday, June 16, 2005


"Why does God bother giving light to the miserable,
why bother keeping bitter people alive,

Those who want in the worst way to die, and can't,
who can't imagine anything better than death,

Who count the day of their death and burial
the happiest day of their life?

What's the point of life when it doesn't make sense,
when God blocks all the roads to meaning?

The worst of my fears has come true,
what I've dreaded most has happened.

My repose is shattered, my peace destroyed.
No rest for me, ever--death has invaded life."


Have you ever felt like that? I know that I have.

Different things can bring on profound sadness in different peoples' lives. I think that participating in the human race opens us up to this kind of sadness. Through that passage we must go. The groans of our hearts will cry out until the day that we die and stand before the king.

Oh, may that day come quickly!

(This is a portion of Job's first speech, as found in Job 3. Read the entire speech here.)

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