Thursday, June 16, 2005

Mover Wisdom

"Skin grows back."

This little bit of wisdom is usually quoted while carrying a large dresser through a narrow hallway, or through a doorway, or while slightly stumbling down steps. It means that when you carry something, keep your hand around the corners that might bump into a wall. Instead of damaging this nice piece of mahogany furniture, you will only peel the skin off of your knuckles. The furniture is kept whole, and the skin, well... it grows back.


  1. lol, julio spoke my mind.
    who cares about the nice mahogany dresser...ever hear the saying "scarred for life"?

  2. Ooooh ouch. Gosh, the first time I used movers they didn't know about skin growing back.

    Then again, I didn't know about tipping either. We knew the second time :)


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