June 13, 2006

summer fun





  1. aww..i guess i'll have to get my lil pool out and swim in it...hahaa
    hey, did u know i was redoing my room? i got the walls painted and i'm getting new floor tomorrow.(wood)
    i'll take a picture when it's done. luv ya, bye

  2. Nice action shots!

    Do you really know that guy?

  3. Do I know that guy!?!

    That is my kid!

  4. Is he huge or is that a small pool?

  5. Wow Mr. Harmless...it's been a while...and your son seems to have been growing a lot since the last time i saw him! But it looks like he's having FUN!

  6. looks like the teacher is out of school for the summer. i need to link to your blog. the last few posts were interesting - i especially liked the analogy to "skin".

  7. That small pool seems even smaller after our beach vacation...

  8. Jenni -- Hey, it has been a long time. Hope things are going well for you.

    LaProfessora -- to a fellow southerner. Hope things are well for your family. I check in on Sam every once in a while through his blog... I have visited yours as well.

    I should have hired sam for the summer...


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