March 1, 2005


Children are an infinite resource of time wasting options.

As if I don't waste enough time in my life already, I have to be surrounded with people who want nothing more than to waste more time. Some days I stand strong, but every once in awhile, during a study hall or a computer class, I cave in to the requests of one of my dearly beloved students, and check out a new game that they have found.

It is really quite amazing some of the stuff that they find.

Here are my three favorite free game sites:

1) Addicting Games
2) Coffee Break Arcade
3) One More Level (my current favorite)

When I am with my own children, and we have time to get on the internet to look at stuff, here is where we usually go:

1) PBS Kids
2) Thomas and Friends
3) Playhouse Disney

I know that as a professional teacher, I probably shouldn't give in, but the kids just love it when I do. Besides, if you take into consideration that I bring work home with me almost everyday, I get up really early so I can get some work done in the morning, and I work through every morning break and lunch all year long... I don't feel too bad if I take 5 to 10 minutes of a study hall to play a game.


Check out some of these free games. And tell me about your favorite web distraction.