March 3, 2005

home alone

I just found a really interesting interview at National Review Online, with the Mary Eberstadt, the author of a new book called Home-Alone America. It is a very interesting topic that will probably never hit the main stream media.

If you have the time, go and check it out.

Here is a tid-bit of the interview:

The stressful lives of parents in America have, as common sense would dictate, a direct impact on their children. In her new book, Home-Alone America, Mary Eberstadt effectively gets beyond the "mommy wars" of the women's glossies and instead focuses on what is happening to kids in the rat race of U.S. lives. Day care, latchkeyism, excessive TV watching, the list goes on — they all have serious drawbacks that children have to live with.

Mary Eberstadt is a mother and a fellow at the Hoover Insitution.



    i cant stop laughing.

    have a great day!

  2. Nice Comment Spam there Steph. :(

  3. its not spam... its stinkin' hilarious!

    yay for fat dutch kids!


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