March 21, 2007


Well, I was on my way home the other day, and I just so happened to run into somebody new. Quite Literally.

About four cars up these two kids ran out into the road, and caused someone to slam on their brakes. Well, then the next three cars slammed on their brakes, and mathematically the reaction times will inevitably get a little more delayed with each person. Unfortunately the person in front of me had a much newer vehicle, with much better brakes. When they hit it, they stopped on a dime. My truck, as much as I love it, doesn't quite stop on a dime. I am not even sure it stops on a quarter.

The thing that surprised me most was that the officer (when he arrived almost 2 hours later) gave me a ticket. I guess that the circumstances don't matter that much, if you are the unfortunate guy in the back, you will get blamed.

There isn't that much damage to either vehicle, and we are will an insurance company that has accident forgiveness (thank you to my wife for signing us up for that). So, it isn't going to hurt us that bad. Other than the fact that I still have to pay this ticket and my truck is dinged up now. Oh Well.

Here is another picture, from a different view.