March 10, 2007

For Sandy

"The way to deeper knowledge of God
         is through the lonely valleys of soul poverty
         and abnegation of all things."

~A.W. Tozer

Remember that you serve a God who sees. Draw close to Him, and He will draw very close to you.


  1. Matt,
    Thank you for everything! I have never wished to stay away from home as much as I wished to stay the "dishes wife" in SC! I see you wrote this on Saturday, but I needed it as much today.

  2. matthew, what a beautiful post for sandy. thanks to you and charity and the boys for welcoming my three girls into your home. she needed that. we had a good group at the first Prasso meeting last night. around 18-20. some were monitoring but they act like they might stay. i think sandy was expecting 14. anyway, God bless you Mr. Matt. love fran


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