July 2, 2007

The Castle in the Attic - Book Review

The Castle in the Attic is the first full length book that I read with my boys. It is a book that my mom read to me when I was a kid. She even bought three extra copies of it (with the cover that is shown to the right) for each of her kids.

Summary: A young boy is given a toy castle as a parting gift from nanny, who is moving back to England. The castle is unique, not only because it seems to be made out of stone and has all working parts, but also because the small lead knight comes to life the moment the boy touches him.

The knight, the lady, and the young boy all need to make it back to the knight's homeland to stop an evil wizard. Sounds like all of the proper elements to a good story to me.

My Thoughts: I can remember this book from the first time that my mom read it to me. It was good enough that it stuck in my mind over all of these years, and it must have been good enough for her, because she bought all three of her kids a copy of it.

It is not a Christian book, but it has some good themes in there as far as good vs. evil and how selfishness can hurt others.

I would definitely recommend this book.