July 7, 2007

Ice - Book Review

Ice by Shane Johnson

Summary: The author is a Christian author, and writes with a Christian world view. This is a fictional story, written as if the Apollo missions had continued on through to the original plan. The story starts with Apollo 19's expedition to the southern pole of the moon, where they are searching for ice that had been detected there. Once the two astronauts are there, they find that they cannot return because of a failed rocket to get them off of the surface. In their remaining time they decide to drive off as far as they can in their rover. To go further than they originally anticipated. Once they get to the end of their road, they find more than ice waiting for them.

My Thoughts: I had this book on my Froogle Wish List for a long time. I had put it there on a whim, because it sounded interesting. Also because I enjoy Christian fiction, and there isn't a whole lot of that out there.

My mom must have seen the book on my wish list and bought it for me last Christmas (Thanks Mom). Since we have recently been doing a little less TV lately, I have had some more time to read, so I just finished this book this morning.

I have to be honest here in my book reviews, so I must tell you that it did start off a little slow, and there were a few of the dialogs between the characters that seemed to drag out a little bit. Once the story started going though, it pulled me in. There was just enough suspense to keep me going. The author didn't tell too much, so I kept trying to figure out what all of the events were leading up to.

It had a good Christian perspective to it, and I always love when an author ties in some science fiction to the Bible. I love hypothesizing how things could tie in, in those ways. I don't have a book rating system yet, but I will say that this was worth a read, if you enjoy science fiction writing.

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