September 19, 2007


The Christian life is a glorious life. Those who try to live the Christian life before they have reached it do not find it glorious, but those who have 'got it' find it a life full of unspeakable joy and glory.
Percy Parker

There are plenty of people out there that try to live the Christian life, but they are miserable, because they are attempting to do it in their own strength. Sometimes they try to live this way because its "just the right way!" or because "that's the way I was raised!" There are many teenagers who are struggling to live this Christian life, because their parents have laid that out for them.

But to those who seek to walk this walk without its accompanying grace, they walk a miserable walk.

The flip side to this idea that I wanted to mention are those who are in Christ Jesus, but never enjoy this to its fullness. Now, I don't believe that a person who never chooses to follow after Christ is a disciple or ever was a disciple. A disciple is one who follows, so I am not saying that. I am referring to the people who are in Christ, they are seeking to follow Christ, but they stop short of the fullness.

This is a temporary time in a Christian's life, (Phil. 1:6 says that we can be confident that He who began the good work will continue to perform it) but for some it can go on for years. It reminds me of the kid who would go down the big hill on his dirt bike, but would always slide his feet all the way down. He has committed to the hill, he is going down the hill, but he misses out on the breeze in his face and the thrill of the ride because he is afraid. What the boy doesn't realize is that he is actually increasing his chances of a wreck by trying to defy the laws of gravity.

This isn't a perfect illustration, because the Christian walk is a walk that involves work. But the emphasis of this post is to point out what so many Christians are missing out on.

By the way, so many times as a child I was the one who wouldn't commit to the big dirt hill. I would drag my feet all the way down, but I can remember when I finally worked up the courage to just go full throttle down that hill. I never went back to my former method.