September 27, 2007

9 years

Happy Birthday to Google, who is celebrating its 9th birthday today, Sept. 27, 2007!

It would have to be on the 27th, wouldn't it...


  1. hey!!!! it's been forever hasnt it? hope you and the family are doing splendidly!! Im a freshman at University of Indianpolis in Biology (and spanish?) and currently my favorite class could be chemistry? it has a lot of math and that keeps me happy :D . haha. if you want to pray for me i'd appreciate your prayers for my religion class (thats right everyone here has to take a religion class one semester) and the professor keeps trying to poke holes in this stuff about jesus... and paul... and all that. haha. im praying it will strenghten me!! God Bless you!!

  2. Haha nice...i forgot about the 27 conspiracy!


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