Tuesday, January 27, 2004


As a school teacher, snow is a bitter-sweet experience.

On the one hand, if it snows enough, there will be the potential snow-day, or at least the two-hour delay. But on the other hand, there is still the shoveling of the drive and the sidewalk and the shoveling at the school and the shoveling and the shoveling and the shoveling... If there is the two-hour delay, then I do have more time to shovel.

School never goes as well when there is the two-hour delay. The kids are always restless, the classes are shortened, I am tired from shoveling, lesson plans need to be rewritten, etc. But I do have more time to work on the lesson plans with the two-hour delay...

The snow also creates other problems that I hate. Like the snow being tracked into the vehicles, the snow being tracked into the house, the snow being tracked in because of shoveling, and so on... And there is also the dirty cars from all of the salt on the roads. I guess I will have more time to clean all of this mess with the two-hour delay...

I suppose there will be opportunities to go out in the snow with my kids. They always enjoy that. I can't wait until Son 1 is old enough to shovel. I mean really shovel. Right now he just makes more of a mess for me to shovel than anything. I am looking forward to when I can say, "Son 1 -- Son 2 -- get out there and get the drive shoveled." Oooh! I can't wait!

Well, I gotta go. There is some shoveling that needs to be done, and I only have two hours left to do all of this stuff!

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