Tuesday, June 22, 2004

still learning - #3

I started to do a series of things that I have learned in this last year. You can read #1 - God is good and #2 - I love being a teacher, if you like.

So here goes...

Still learning #3 -- God's way is always better.

I think that this has been the most impactful truth that I have encountered this past year of my life. I don't think that I have ever said that there was a truth that was "life-changing" before. I have heard other people say that, but I am pretty sure that I never have. Well, if I was going to say it about anything, it would be about this.

Because His way is better.

I used to think that God had all of these rules for us to follow. You know, right vs. wrong stuff... But as I have gotten older, I have started to notice that He didn't just randomly pick a bunch of things for us to do. He, in His love, has established a way to live. A way that is better.

He is the creator, and He knows how we should live.

I have alluded to this before on this blog. You can read some of these related thoughts here, here and here.

Sometimes it seems that His way will not be as good. And I will say that I have had to learn this the hard way from time to time.

I know that a big one is telling the truth. Sometimes it sure seems that telling the truth would be the worst possible thing. And sometimes it even seems that way when we go ahead and tell the truth. At first it seems like, "oh man, why did I tell that?!?" But in the end it is always better. I know that even Bill Clinton would agree that telling the truth was the best, ultimately.

I know that there are marriages that it seems like it would be better if you separate, but His way is better.

I know that there are experiences that you want to have that God has forbidden. I know that my students struggle with this one. When you're young it seems like the best thing would be to experience everything, but the best life you can have is a life done God's way... it's better.

I know that there might be some revenge that you want to take, even though God has asked you to leave that up to Him. And that is what you should do. His way is better.

But however bad or difficult it seems, I guarantee, His way is better, His way is ultimately easier, and His way will be more fulfilling.

There are other things that seem like they will limit us or deny us the enjoyment of life, but his way is better. And life in Him is the only free life and the most enjoyable life. Doesn't the Bible say, "... if the son has set you free, then you will be free indeed..." and how many different times can you read the phrase, "... then you joy will be complete..."

His way is better. You should try it.

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