Tuesday, November 2, 2004


I know that today is election day, and I should probably pitch in my two cents somewhere, but I just haven't been able to think of anything to say. Besides, there are plenty of other blogs out there that can cover the election and the issues in a much more knowledgeable way than I can.

In fact, as I was surfing to find some good election coverage, I noticed that there are several major websites that have added blogging to their array of coverage. I knew that blogging was getting big, but now everyone is getting into the act! CNN even has some insight into the election blogosphere, and is running two election day blogs of their own.

Crazy stuff.

Here is my only rant about the election:

I have been totally surprised at how many "christian" blogs have supported Kerry. Call me naive, call me silly, but it doesn't change the fact that I am shocked by this. I know that not every christian is a conservative, that is not what I am saying. But it seems like there are certain issues that we would stand together on.

There are just some things that I believe are of great importance to God.

Life. Life is imortant to God. How can someone rant on and on about the "wrongs" of the war in Iraq, and not have anything to say about the countless lives that are slaughtered here in our own country on a daily basis. But to top it off, there are Christians that give this issue a backseat to topics like economics.

Marriage. Marriage is God given. It is important to him. There is no other institution amoung men that better portrays the relationship between Christ and his church. And this institution is under attack. But what is amazing to me it that there are "christians" that have no problem with gay marriage. I expect the world to go this route, but when people who profess to be christians go the same way, it always surprises me!

I hope that George W. Bush wins. If for no other reason, because I know from his track record that he will fight against the murder of children, and fight for the institution of marriage.

But regardless, God is in control.


  1. Hey... you're right... Marriage is God given... But, we don't need Caesar to determine who we are allowed to marry or not marry. We don't need Caesar to give us a license... it's all about a marriage blessed in the eyes of God and God alone. Read this article for more insight on the issue...


  2. You inspired me to write on the election! good post..hope school is going well! miss you..


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