Thursday, August 25, 2005

Man, do they know me!!

My dad found this shirt and thought that I would like it.

My whole family has now agreed that this shirt was made for me. My wife doesn't even think that it is all that funny, because it is "...a little too real."


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    Candle Of The Month

  2. Hi, I like your shirt.

    I found your link on Amandas blog.

    We are looking for people to pray for a very sick little girl, if you can help, we would be greatful.Thank you.

    shari said...
    steve said...
    Hey do me a favor and send a prayer over to Rebekahs Site.

    They are facing some tough decisions on radiation and could use some support. Tell 5 new people about her! Thats my challenge today!Thank you and God Bless! (sorry bout the copy and paste comment. Its the quickest way I can get prayer out! hope you see I just am trying to get a little girl some much needed prayer!)

    7:13 PM

    Abbey this guy -he's in a Christian band called Jubalingen-stopped by my blog and had this request about this little girl.If you could, please send a prayer her way.

  3. I can't believe that I am getting advertisements and prayer requests on the same blog... Prayer requests are fine. But who in the world would put an advertisement on a blog comment? It doesn't even make sense!


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