December 26, 2005

Per Request...

(posted by Charity)

I've been asked to post some of my favorite pictures from our Christmas visit home. It was hard with so many to choose from but here are a few. We still have to open gifts with the boys this week due to the unexpected ice storm that drove us North early and I'll be sure to feature a few of those later.

Enjoy and Happy holidays!


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Mom and Charity and the "Christmas Candy" extravaganza!

GG looking at the album that I made for her for Christmas.

Final candy results...mmm-mmm good!

All of the siblings together for the first time in 2 years!
Bill, Jeannie, Julie, Charity and Travis

Siblings and Spouses
Christmas 2005

Little sister...Big Boss!
Charity still tells everyone how to organize.
Brandi (Travis' wife on the far right-
gave us a special surprise with the announcement
of a new baby. We had fun crying and laughing together
this year...Thanks Brandi, for my special gift.)

Dad's Christmas shirt for this year.

Jeannie, Charity and Julie
Big sisters have a way of making everything better!

Lori and Charity
(We may have gotten busted but we had fun in the meanwhile!)

Stephanie (my best friend) and Charity
At our annual Christmas dinner with
Sandy and Amanda.

The Lathrop Christmas Tradition


  1. Charity, I am forced to agree with Steph. Love ya, Sandy

  2. I would like to say that after MUCH hassle from my "best friends" (and I quoted that ON PURPOSE-because you guys are asking for it!)...I refuse to remove any pictures that some may not like or think are the most flattering of themselves BECAUSE this is MY post and I think that all the pictures are lovely.
    Sandy and Amanda...YOUR picture is coming soon!
    (Love you too, San! Great Blog!)

  3. hmm..two can play at that game! I seem to remember some great shots taken in Georgia 1993 :)

  4. Well...well...well...I guess that's how we are going to be, huh?

    Listen here, Missy-you can pull out your little pictures of me by the pool with my flat tummy (also my wet forehead that went on for miles and miles!), but I will NOT be shy to share some particular stories about my friend and the floor noises heard round the world at Maranatha!!!!

    Bring it on, sister!

  5. You know...

    This isn't your personal chat room ladies.


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