August 29, 2006

Therefore I love it.

"Your Word has been tested and found to be very pure;
Therefore, Your servant loves it."

Psalm 119:140 (Jay Adams Translation)

I do not doubt the truth of the Bible. When I pick it up and read through it's pages, I know that the words I am reading are true.

There are whole books that have been written about the truth of the Bible. They have evidenced the many attacks on these words, and have proclaimed the glory the Bible's amazing reliability... its amazing durability. No matter what challenge has come against its authenticity, the Bible has been proven right over and over again. It also continues to be a beacon of wisdom and hope, regardless of the moral dilemmas we get ourselves into.

All of these things I know and believe about every verse in the Bible, but there are some verses that I know and believe in a deeper way. In a way that has gone beyond accurate historical facts, and has cut deep into my soul, leading me and guiding me by its light.

This verse speaks of that truth. I love the Words of God, because it has been tested in my own life. I have experienced its teachings first hand. I have needed its hope, I have needed its wisdom, I have depended on its truth, and it did not fail me. Therefore, I love it.


  1. hey i saw you had technorati, so i tried it out.
    and i did go ahead and start a new blog(kinda recycled it)
    if you have any suggestions/comments or music or something you want me to put on there just tell me.

  2. Mr. Harmless, 'tis Dave Armstrong.

    Call me about your K.G. CD, and we'll work something out.

    201 7036 is the number still, so I hope to talk to you soon.

    The PPC-Dave.


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