December 27, 2006

Some Christmas Pics

Here is a web album of this Christmas.


  1. great pictures. Looks like a fun time!

  2. hey, matt, i've been listening to your 'idols of the heart' podcast thing...i'm on the last one.
    they're really good, you need to put some more stuff on there.

  3. that's mauldin, sc? that is the first town my family arrived to in the South some 40 years ago. my great aunt vivian was sittn' on the porch drinkin' iced tea when we drove up in our little black plymouth, 4 kids in the back seat and no air, 90some degree weather. we got our first swallow of southern iced tea :) that was when my dad had decided to go to Bible college to study for the ministry.

    Long rabbit trail . . . hope it goes well for you there at the high school.

  4. hey, i like your new layout. nice job


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