October 7, 2007

Everything Skit

We watched this video this morning in church. I admit, I was a little skeptical at first, but it pulled me right in. Wonderfully done.

I got the video from this site.

Update: Ok. I have watched this video at least four times since this morning. I have bawled everytime. I am talking about tears rolling down my face.

I think that if you have never been entangled by sin and sinful desires, then you won't get this. I have been entangled in sin. I have known its power. I have seen it in others, and I see it more and more all of the time. Almost everyday I encounter another person who has fallen.

The thing that I love about this video (and the thing that gets the tears rolling) is that Christ is always beckoning. Through the whole thing He continues this. I love then when she turns. Don't fool yourself. That is key. We must turn from sin and run to Him.

But we won't make it.

Neither does she. She throws everything she has to get to Christ, and He continues to pull. But we will never make it. We will never free ourselves. It doesn't matter how much will power we have or how much determination, we will fail.

BUT CHRIST steps in! I love it in the video. He steps in and defeats them all. I am getting teary just typing about it. I love HIM. I love who He is. And when I watch a video that Glorifies, that lifts Him up... even if it is just some skit... I love it.

Is HE all you want? Is He your everything?

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  1. Matt,

    What a great visual of the way that Jesus pursues us!

    Thanks for sharing it.


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