March 25, 2009


My 7th grade Bible class loves to do skits. I don't do them all that often, but I have to let them do them every once in awhile because they just love doing them. When I mention that is what we are going to do, their faces light up.

What I usually do is wait until I get to the end of a section and then I will choose to give a test, have them create a presentation, write a summary, or do a skit. If they had the option, they would always choose skit.

I am sure that most classes would choose this, but this particular class just loves it.

Today they were working on their skit over Jeremiah the prophet. They had just finished writing their individual scenes that I had assigned them and had argued their way through part selection when they decided that they needed to have some practice time. This part is fun for me for two reasons.

One, because they always ask me not to watch the "rehearsal" because they want me to be able to watch it as if for the first time when they present. This always brings a little smile to my face. It is that simple enjoyment that they get from having me see the funny little parts that they have added in, their little bits of comic relief that they have timed so well. It is good stuff.

Two, because it gives me a little time to work.

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