April 10, 2009

Spring Break Recap (for those who might be interested)

Friday, April 3rd
Half day of school and the first half of the trip home. We stopped at a hotel in Kentucky so that the boys would get a chance to do a little swimming.

Saturday, April 4th
Finished the trip home. Spent the rest of the night at the in-laws house.

Sunday, April 5th
Church with my parents and my sister. Spent the rest of the afternoon with them. The wife left to spend a couple of days with her sisters.

Monday, April 6th
Still at my parent's house. Spent the whole day "trying" to get some school work done, but actually watched movies with my sister. It was relaxing... and it was worth it. I did print off my resumes for the next day.

Tuesday, April 7th
Spent the first half of the day driving around to several different schools dropping off resumes. I went to Covington Junior High and High, Georgetown Junior High and High, Westville Junior High and High, North Ridge Middle, and maybe one other, I can't remember. I was able to set up two interviews for later in the week.

I spent the second half of the day in the hospital with my dad. We thought that he might be having a heart attack, but it is now looking like it is an aneurysm. It seems like it isn't one to be nervous about, but if someone even mentions the word aneurysm, it tends to make one nervous. My dad had to spend the night there. I was there until 10:30, and the kids spent the night at the in-laws.

Wednesday, April 8th
Spent the first half of the day at my parent's house, waiting to hear word about my dad. After lunch, I left and went back to my in-laws. We spent the rest of the night there.

Thursday, April 9th
Spent the first half of the day at an interview with Georgetown High School. It went really well. Some potential there.

Met my family with the in-laws for lunch at Monical's Pizza. Then headed back over to my parent's house. Spent the rest of the afternoon/evening there, except for a short excursion to Oakwood Junior High for an interview.

Friday, April 10th
I have spent this entire day doing school work. I am working on my Course Overviews. I finished another one today, and I am working on a second one. Once I complete that one, I will only have three remaining.

Saturday, April 11th
This day hasn't happened yet, but I already know that I am going to spend (pretty much) the entire day driving.

I know that I have left out some of the details, but that is pretty much the rundown of my Spring Break. Not very exciting is it? I might feel a little more relaxed, and maybe a little more at ease with the job thing, but the last leg of the school year is before me, and it will be over before I know what hit me. I am just hoping that all of the little parts will fall into place as I finish up.

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