Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nominate "favorite" teacher...

I received an e-mail the other day that referred me to a website where you could nominate your "favorite" teacher. Here is a part of that e-mail:

"You can nominate an extraordinary educator by visiting and submitting a brief essay about the teacher you feel deserves a little more recognition. 12 semi-finalists and one-grand prize winner (known as the “EXPO Extraordinary Educator”) will be given a financial break – prizes include cash, free EXPO school supplies and more."

I wanted to pass this along to all of my teachery friends, and maybe a few of my former students might feel motivated to nominate me... :)

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  1. Extraordinary teachers certainly deserve recognition, from something such as this prize to a thoughtful 'thank you.' For some perspective on how meaningful such a thing can be, I invite you and your readers to check out this short video -- -- which tells the story of the "aha moment" of one teacher when the impact of her work was recognized in a very special way. I think you'll find it very inspirational.



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