November 17, 2009


My youngest is having SURGERY... TOMORROW!

Ok.  I'm calm.


No really.  I am calm, but I am realizing that this is going to be an agonizing event.  It is a relatively simple surgery.  He has a gastric hernia... a small place where the muscles along his stomach wall never joined.  This is something that he was born with, and we thought he was going to grow out of it.  He didn't, and this last year it started to increase in size.  A doctor and a second opinion later and now he is having surgery.

I am always seeking to place my sons in God's hands: Relinquishing my rights over them and their futures and entrusting them to God.  I know that God always has control, but in the spirit of Hannah (Samuel's Mother) I want to give them to God's service as Has entrusted them with me.  These children are His.

As much as I know that... It doesn't always feel that way.

Right now he feels like mine and I am not looking forward to handing him over to these doctors and nurses tomorrow.  Even though I know he is really in God's hands.

If you are of the praying sort... He is having this surgery tomorrow afternoon.  We would appreciate your prayers.

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