March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Here is a reading of my favorite Seuss book: Marvin K. Mooney
(Read by me!)
(I just learned that this book was released the year that I was born!)

And here are some of my favorite quotes:

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  1. My favorite Dr. Seuss is the "Super Supper March" (, a song that I learned in the first grade and it has stuck with me since then, as it still applies to my life at least 3 times a day ;-)

    "Hungry, hungry, I am hungry
    Table, Table here I come.
    I could eat a goose moose burger
    15 pickles and a purple plumb.

    I could eat 3 bowls of goulosh
    Half a pound of wuzzled wheat
    I could eat a peck of goobers
    Then I'd really get to work and eat!"

    It goes on for several verses..


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