Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Operation Screwtape - Book Review

Operation Screwtape: The Art of Spiritual War by Andrew Farley was awesome!

I absolutely enjoyed every minute of listening to this book.  It had me thinking, pondering, rewinding, and laughing.  David Cochran Heath did a fabulous job at narrating this book.  He included all of the proper inflections, and the best-timed chuckles, to capture the deviousness of the devil's work.

Knowing a little bit about C.S. Lewis' book, the Screwtape Letters will help in understanding the idea behind this book.  But that work should not be considered a prerequisite to enjoying and understanding this book.

Here is the basic premise:  This is a manual on spiritual warfare against the Christian.  It is written, as if, from an "older" and more experienced demon to "young" demons in training.  It outlines various effective and efficient attacks on the Christian.  Attacks that, though they cannot remove the Christian from the love of God, they will render the Christian ineffective and unproductive for the cause of Christ.  Obviously, this is a very fictitious premise, but it is anchored in a spiritual reality that is very imminent.

Not knowing much about Andrew Farley, I found that I was hesitant and cautious as I was listening to this book.  I didn't know which direction he was headed on several different occasions.  But I found his points to be well-grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I laughed at myself in nearly every chapter, as I realized that I had fallen prey to this attack or that maneuver that Farley was outlining from the perspective of a tempter.

Because of Andrew Farley's insightful points on our spiritual battles and David Cochran Heath's abilities at narration, I found myself reeling at the utter weakness of Satan in comparison to the Power of Jesus Christ.  As Christians, our focus needs to be in the cleansing reality of the Blood of Christ and we need to walk in that forgiveness that was bought by such a dear price.

I absolutely want to encourage you to pick up this book, and without a doubt, the version you pick up should be the audio version.  You can click through to Amazon to get the Christian Audio version, or go directly to the Christian Audio site to download it today.

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