Thursday, August 8, 2013

Man of God by Charles Stanley book review

I found Man of God by Charles Stanley to be a little lacking...

Ok.  I know that all of those Charles Stanley fans out there are probably trying to figure out my address so they can go throw eggs at my house.  Please don't misunderstand me.  I love Charles Stanley as well.  I first began to understand many of the things to do with God while listening to his voice on cassette while I was working third shift janitorial at a mall.  I got a glimpse at what a good television preacher could be like while watching him wave that giant, floppy, heavily used Bible.  I could tell there was a passion for this Great God that we serve when I heard his voice.  This isn't an anti-Charles Stanley sort of review.  All I am saying is that I found it a bit lacking.

Now, it was full, chock-full of excellent, godly advice. Bits of wisdom from years in the ministry.  Every bit of it was definitely valuable, and I wouldn't have a problem recommending it to any young father or young husband.  I especially enjoyed the second chapter where he broke down the elements of a "man of steel" and a "man of velvet".  A true man of God is a combination of these two, pictured in the man Jesus.

But I still found it lacking.

Scripture felt a bit sparse... Definitely not absent, just sparse.  It might be because I have grown accustomed to books that break down passages of scripture and tie these daily realities and applications back into the grander reality of the great narrative of God and the gospel.  I kept waiting for that, but it never came.

He highlighted all of the important realities to being God's man.  Most importantly the need for true salvation as the basis for true manhood was driven home near the conclusion of the book.  But much of the book was a bit more like listening to a godly grandfather give advice.  (Which definitely not a bad thing.  Good godly advice from grandfathers is invaluable.)  The voice talent on this book added to the grandfatherly feel.  He sounded like a wise-old-guru of a gentleman.

Was it a good book?  Yes.  Did it leave me wanting more?  Yes, but not more of the book, more of what wasn't in the book.

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