Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I can't wait to enter the annex.

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I am currently reading the book How the Gospel Brings Us All the Way Home, by Derek Thomas. It has been an interesting book so far: well written, Biblical, and practical.

Today I ran across a quote in the book from John Calvin:  (John Calvin, commenting on I Peter 1:11)
The Church of Christ has been from the beginning so constituted, that the cross has been the way to victory, and death a passage to life ... The order is to be noticed; he mentions sufferings first, and then adds the glories which are to follow. For he intimates that this order cannot be changed or subverted; afflictions must precede glory. So there is to be understood a twofold truth in these words, -- that Christians must suffer many troubles before they enjoy glory, -- and that afflictions are not evils, because they have glory annexed to them.
Even as I type this, my thoughts are, "That is profound. Suffering is a hard truth, not a soft one... But what an important truth!"

If you are in the midst of suffering in your life, please heed the words of John Calvin. They are true words. Embrace your suffering as a preliminary to embracing your glory.

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