Tuesday, April 5, 2016

twenty years

I have been married for twenty years... today.

There are so many things that I could blog about in regards to this anniversary. I want to say wonderful things about my wife... the wife of my youth. I could write of her beauty or her strength. I could tell you of the wonderful wife and mother that she is and continues to be and to excel at. I would be happy to wax eloquent of her great love for me and my great love for her. I would speak amiss if I failed to mention her spiritual depth and insight, especially as it pertains to her amazing ability to see through things and find the truth that is buried deep in the human heart: She is truly the best Biblical Counselor I know. If I told you of all of these things... I would only be scratching the surface of this multi-faceted woman that I am married to.

I could also tell you of our time together. Twenty years is not a short amount of time, you know. I could discuss the good days and the difficult days or the ups and downs of a real marriage. We are both sinners, but we said, "I do." and we meant it. As much as I absolutely love being married to my wife, we have been through some hard times: situations that have crumbled better marriages than ours, or so we thought.

I could tell you stories. The funniest, happiest, silliest, most ridiculous, most exciting, and most beautiful memories that I have are all associated with this one woman. I could tell you things that might crack you up or bring tears to your eyes, whether they be tears of joy or of sadness. I could share with you the places we've lived, the experiences we've had, and the challenges we've faced. We have parenting stories, traveling stories, job stories, stories of poverty, and stories of... well... more poverty.  We have seen sickness, sadness, and death, and we have seen these things together, in a true partnership in life.

O sure, there is much I could tell you... but there is really only one thing that I need to tell you, and it is this:
God  Is  Good.

My wife has been, and I am convinced will continue to be, a good gift from God, and I want to thank Him publicly for blessing me with this wonderful wife and granting me these twenty years.

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