Saturday, May 14, 2016

tough week?

Been having a tough week?
Has it been difficult, challenging... hard?
Could it be described as a "crap-shoot"?

The best thing for you this weekend is not fishing, camping, or vacationing. You will not find what you need by partying, playing games, drinking, having sex, hanging out with friends, running that 5k, or even taking that extra nap.

Many of these things are good, and can and should be enjoyed in the right context... but you will not find in any of these the thing you need the most after your difficult week.

Instead, go to a church this weekend that will preach to you the good news of Jesus Christ: the truth that you can enjoy absolute rightness with God through the work of Jesus.

Go to a church to hear the gospel preached... not because you don't know it, but because you are prone to forget it and need to hear it again and again. You will have no real joy in your life until you enjoy the righteousness of God through the knowledge of Jesus.

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