Saturday, June 15, 2019

The Pug Bunk

The Pug Bunk
Our pug (Zeus) has been spoiled.

We made the mistake, after we moved, of allowing him up on the end of the bed because he was crying... He has mommy issues. He can't be away from my wife at any time if she is in the house.

We put a blanket out and his bed and lifted him up there so that he could be near her. We had never let him in the bed before, and he is too old / fat to get up there himself. But... we felt sorry for him and lifted him up there.

Well... I quickly tired of lifting him up, but once we had done it the first time, he was not going to be content to be that far away from his favorite person in the world.

I had to come up with an alternative because I was sick of lifting him up.   (He is on the chunky side and it is just annoying... Especially after I've already climbed into bed.)

My solution: The Pug Bunk.

Here he is getting into the Pug Bunk... 

And here he is exiting the Pug Bunk... 

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