Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Day 2 of Social Distancing

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020: Day 2 of Social Distancing

I did somewhat better at social distancing today.

Oh wait, I went to my parent's house... and ... um ... Big Lots.

But other than that, no interactions... other than a second trip to the hardware store!

My normal, day-to-day job is a disciplinary dean at a large high school. This is a busy job. In fact, I would say that it is the busiest that I've ever had. From the time that I arrive at work to the time that I leave to go home, something is happening. Either I'm doing paperwork, talking to students, talking to a teacher or administrator, talking to parents, either in-person or over the phone, or I am dealing with a problem situation. It is just a non-stop roller coaster ride of activity.

I like this about that job. I like to stay busy. Idle time, for a diagnosed ADD person, is hardly ever productive. I love being directed by the flow of events throughout the day. I don't have to plan out my day and try to get everything to stick with the plan... The "plan" is going to happen, I just don't know what it is until I get swept up in it.

With current events and the closure of the schools, I have gone on an early break/vacation. Most people would like this, but I'm not loving it. Without a flow of events sweeping toward me, I am forced to create my own agenda. Once again, most people would love this, but I am not loving this at all. At work, the most important thing is the thing that is happening right in front of me. When I am in this situation, I find it exceptionally difficult to prioritize. Does the closet need attention? should I complete a class that I am working on? Does my wife need help with something? Does the dog need to go out?  I wonder how the teachers are doing? Should I make some tutorial videos on how to do a few aspects of e-learning? Maybe I should make a video to reassure the people at my church. Should I be calling them? What is my son doing? Where is my other son at right now? I could've had those shelves put up by now. I should have just started with reading my Bible and then do the devotional. Maybe I should study for the devotional today. Should I blog about my experiences?

I could go on...

Needless to say, Social Distancing, as much as I love aspects of it, is also a stretch for my mind. I wonder as I type this, does anyone else struggle with this same issue?

More than ever, would love some feedback.

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