Saturday, October 23, 2021

Parables Will Do A Thing More Bold

Here is a piece of poetry inspired by Luke 8:4-15. I wrote this as I was studying for my upcoming sermon that I will be preaching on Sunday, October 24th, 2021, on this passage. 
The stories that our Savior told,
unlike sweet scripts from modern fold
those pictures that our preachers mold,
parables will do a thing more bold.

Good preachers like to make it clear,
but Jesus would those secrets steer
only to hearts that have an ear:
parables are heard by those who hear.

Sown seed: God's Word, so rest assured
a heart that's hard is what's referred
when on trodden path lands the word,
parables are snatched up by a bird.

To stony ground some seed will fly
start quickly, growing toward the sky
no root is there so by and by
parables in shallow hearts will die.

On thorny ground with weeds in play
overgrown lusts put on display
with other loves fed day by day
parables will soon get choked away

But many seeds land in good soil
take root and grow without recoil
the sower cares not for wearied toil
parables will not always spoil.

Good dirt has room for seed's new shoot
tilled, watered, and manured suit
so in the heart God's Word takes root
parables produce abundant fruit.

Dual purpose: sown word to the field.
For many its truth has been concealed,
but those who have produced a yield
parables were God's word revealed.
I hope this is helpful and enlightening.

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