February 23, 2005

food makes me happy

"My name is Matt Harmless, and I am an emotional eater."

*no response*

Then I smile to myself because I know where the rest of my support group is. They are out in the hall stealing the coffee and doughnuts from the other support groups table.

At least they are happy.

Alright, I am just kidding. I don't actually go to an emotional eater support group. (I don't know if that would work anyway. What would you do to celebrate graduating from the class?) But even though I don't actually get together with other emotional eaters, I have to admit that this is exactly what I am.

It is embarrassing to admit, but food just makes me happy.

My wife was the first one to notice it. Of course I argued with her about it for awhile, but then I started to notice the trend myself.

Hard day at work -- Want Food.
Argument with wife -- Want Food.
Kids acting bad -- Want Food.
Car breaks down -- Want Food.
Nothing happens at all -- Want Food.

And it works too! Anything from frozen pizza to a fancy dinner at Carabba's. It all makes me feel a little bit happier.

The problem comes when we go to our favorite Mexican restaurant and I fill up on the chips (which are making me happy, just thinking about them), and the food comes out and I successfully scarf that entire meal. If you don't know this already, Mexican food expands in the stomach.

The saddest part is that I do the same thing everytime.

What is your favorite "make you happy" kind of food?