February 9, 2005

The Dad's Group

I would like to take a moment to refer all of you to a new blog called The Dad's Group.

It is a group blog that is composed of Dads! I don't know how it is going to go, but I am a member of this blog, so check it out!


  1. this is really cool....I want to do this with Steph, San and Amanda. How does it work?

  2. It is cool. I hope. Do you actually think that you could get your girlies to blog with you. Them seem a little to uppity to do the blogging thing. They think that they are better than us.

  3. NAAAH! They are like putty in my hands...I have complete control over them. They'll do whatever I say because they all want me to like them best!!!

    (ok, they'll probably hate the idea, but I'll cry and whine until they agree!)


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