May 24, 2005


Well, I gave my first two exams today: the Algebra I exam, and the Prealgebra exam. The results aren't in yet, I am about half done grading the first one right now.

Since I know that all of you out there are still using the Algebra that you learned in Algebra I, I would like to post 4 questions on this blog.

Post your answers in the comments. (If anyone can get all 4 of them right, maybe I will put an extra point on every Algebra exam... or something like that. Am I allowed to do that? Of course I am! I am the teacher! Ha, ha ha! Hmm... maybe if nobody can get all 4 of them right, I will take off points... Oh yeah! ...Wait a minute, hold those phones kiddies, I am just joking!)

Here they are:

1. Simplify this expression.

2. Solve this absolute value inequality.

3. Solve this system of linear equations.

4. Solve this quadratic equation.